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Ring Rescue Ring Remover

Removes Rings from finger without cutting them.
SKU: RR911

Ring Rescue is a new solution for removing stuck rings from swollen fingers. Ring Rescue is medical quality, safe, and incredibly easy to use. It uses gentle compression to allow for the non-destructive removal of stuck rings. This product is a must-have for every jewellery store. Avoid customer risk and ring damage associated with ring cutting. Enhance your customer experience with Ring Rescue. Instead of people going to the ER and waiting for hours for the removal of their ring, without cutting it, they can come and see you!!

Whether it's a new purchase, or a family heirloom passed through generations, customers are emotionally attached to their rings. Finger swelling may preclude ring removal. It may be a ring that is becoming uncomfortably tight or it may simply be time to update or resize a ring that just won't come off. Ring Rescue offers a new, unique tool for your jewelry store, providing an exclusive service that customers will appreciate. Ring Rescue is an excellent way to raise and distinguish your service standards, inspiring customer loyalty to keep customers returning for your full suite of jewelry sales and services. The service of ring removal may be billed to clients, or offered as complimentary. For your customers the value added is unparalleled. For your business, ring alteration and upgrading is the outcome opportunity.

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