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Oval (Cabochon) Disc Cutter- PepeTools

SKU: 196.15A

Each punch is first precision turned on a state of the art CNC machine. After turning the punches are heat treated to 48-52 HRC. This hardness insures a lifetime of use and a sharp edge. To get the cleanest cut possible PEPE Tools include a 5 degree angle on the cutting edge which allows a beautiful shearing action. Instead of tearing through the material like your traditional disc cutter, the punch cleanly shears the oval without burs or raised edges. After machining the punches are finished in black oxide, a heavy duty protective coating against corrosion.

Set includes the following:

  • Lubricant
  • Urethane 6" x 6" 95A Cutting Pad
  • Stainless steel plates
  • 6 oval shapes cutters
    1. 30x22 mm
    2. 25x18 mm
    3. 24x14 mm
    4. 20x15 mm
    5. 20x12 mm
    6. 18x13 mm