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Picture of Ductless Fume Hood- QUATRO

Ductless Fume Hood- QUATRO


Ductless Fume Hoods from Quatro are perfect for casting fumes, wax burnout or plating fumes.

  • The undesirable fumes are filtered with a 4 stage filtering system that removes 99.9% of all odors and fumes without spending thousands of dollars for a vent outside.
  • Ideal for applications located in office buildings where it is difficult to access an outside wall, not allowed to drill through an outside wall, costly to install ductwork to the roof. 
  • Measurement: 23'' width x 13.5'' depth x 20'' height.
  • Weight: 50lbs
  • CFM: 1670
  • Made in Canada
  • Available in 2 different Ductless fume hoods: 
  1. for burnout fumes, wax fumes 
  2. Rhodium-plating fumes
(50$ will be added for shipping) 
DFH- Burnout & Wax fumes
SKU: DFH-1000-B
DFH- Rhodium/Plating
SKU: DFH-1000-R