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Quatro SolderPure

Capture solder smoke & fumes at source, before they migrate throughout the room. Ideal for: solder fumes, waxing fumes, solvent vapors and rhodium plating. Extremely quiet(52 dBa). "Shipping charges may apply"


Three different models available:

  1. For Soldering, Waxing, Smoke & Odor Removal
  2. For rhodium and/or Cyanide Plating
  3. For ALL fumes (soldering, wax, plating fumes)
  4. Includes Jeweler's Bench Bracket Z-style kit. Can be secured to bench-top work surface and to mount the adjustable mobile arm directly to your benchwork. Comes with a 12 feet flexible hose to connect the SolderPure to the Bench Bracket.
  5. (50$ will be added for shipping)
SolderPure for Soldering, Waxing, Smoke & Odor Removal
SKU: SPB560-1B-G
SolderPure for Rhodium & Cyanide Plating
SKU: SPB560-1R-G
SolderPure for Soldering & Plating
SKU: SPB560-1T-K
Quatro Extraction Arm Only for Solderpure
SKU: AA008