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DigitalWax 028J Rapid Prototype

High speed rapid manufacturing solution for jewellery industry. DigitalWax028J is a high accuracy rapid manufacturing system for jewellery applications. With its unbeatable price-performance ratio and the lowest running cost in the market, DigitalWax028J is the perfect choice for fast production of high quality models. DigitalWax028J can build up to 80 models per day (24 hours), it depends on their size and complexity. The three-dimensional models are built by a special laser which hardens a proprietary photo-curable resin. The laser is specifically developed to guarantee high performance and long life. Thanks to the layer-by-layer forming technology, there are no limits to the geometric complexity of the models: undercuts, cavities, thin surfaces and complex shapes can be created without any difficulty. The BluEdge® laser head allows the use of a new generation, high performance UV photo-curable resins for direct casting and rubber mold applications. Made in Italy.


BluEdge® laser source
High speed and accuracy
High surface quality
Direct casting
Master models for rubber moulds
No lamp replacement
No calibration
80 models per day (24 hours) depending on size and complexity

Standard accessories supplied with DigitalWax 028J:
1 Building platform mm 75x75 (working area: mm 65x65)
1 Resin tank mod. RT800
1 Set of handling tools
1 Personal Computer with 19” LCD monitor
1 UPS 650VA 230V 50/60 Hz
1 DigitalWax 028J Controller Software License
1 VisCAM Software License for DigitalWax, inclusive of VisCAM RP Setup (Module P04), RP Build (module P05), RP Hatch (module P06) and VisCAM Mesh Repair (module P02)
1 Stl-Autoedit Software License
1 User manual

Technical data:
Laser source: Solid State BluEdge® BE-1500
Scanning method: Galvanometro
Working area (x, y, z): 65 x 65 x 90 mm
Slice thickness*: 0,01 – 0,10 mm
Laser scanning speed: 0-2200 mm/sec
Software : DigitalWax 028J Controller
OS: Windows 7
Input file format: .stl - .slc
Machine size: 380 x 515 x 733 mm (15"x 20"x 29")
Weight: 50 Kg (110 lbs)
Operating Temperature Range: 22-25°C
Operating Humidity Range: 60%
Electrical consumption: 400 W
Power supply: AC 230/115 V / 50-60 Hz
*it depends on the kind of photo-curable resin used.

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