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Picture of Blue-Sass Ultrasonic Cleaner

Blue-Sass Ultrasonic Cleaner

Blue-Sass Ultrasonic Soap is Biodegradable. Powerful soap yet gentle on metal. This Cleaner is specially formulated for cleaning and removing oil, grease, polishing coumpounds, ect, on all precious metal ( Steel, gold, silver, bronze, platinum, ect). Mixing Ratio: 1 part to 10 parts water. Sold in 1 liter , 1 Gallon, or pail (5 gallons.

Ultrasonic Soap- 1 liter
SKU: 2367052
Ultrasonic Soap- 1 Gallon
SKU: 2367052G
Ultrasonic Soap- 1 Pail (5gallons)
SKU: 2367052S