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A strip of metal of high purity that directs current from the positive terminal of the plating rectifier to the bath. Each type of anode needs to be used with an electroplating solution.

Platinized Titanium T-Anode
For Rhodium Plating (10¼X4")
SKU: 4503200
Stainless Steel Anode
For ElectroCleaner; All Gold Plating; Silver Plating 6"x1"
SKU: 4560210
Silver Anode
For Silver Plating 6"x1"
SKU: 4560200
Nickel Anode
For Nickel Plating 6"x1"
SKU: 4559800
Copper Anode
For Copper Plating 6"x1"
SKU: 4559200