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Picture of Long Arm Centrifugal Machine

Long Arm Centrifugal Machine


Heavy duty spring swings the long rotating arm so that metal is forced into the flask.
Maximum flask size: 3½” diameter X 5” height.
The long 22-3⁄8" arm provides the extra force needed for heavier casts.
Comes with balance weights and cradle for 2½" diameter flasks.
Recommended crucible 9 oz. item# 2245400.
Shipping weight 20 lbs.

Sold Long arm separately or with accessories

Unit with accessories includes:

  • 9 oz. crucible
  • universal sprue base
  • rubber mixing bowl
  • spatula
  • Flask 3½" diameter x 5" height
  • Flask tong
  • 10 lb. box of investment

CAUTION: Drum for centrifugal available and sold separately to protect the operator against accidental metal spilling from the whirling crucible. See in related product (item# 2239000).

Long Arm Centrifugal- Only
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Long Arm Centrifugal with Accessories
SKU: 2236610