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Picture of Open Ingot Molds

Open Ingot Molds

Used for pouring ingots of various sizes. 50dwt (78grams); 35mm (depth) X 90mm (length) X 35mm (width) 80dwt (124grams); 30mm (depth) X 120mm (length) X 45mm (width) 200dwt (310grams); 40mm (depth) X 155mm (length) X 65mm (width)

Open Ingot Mold- 50dwt (78grams)
item# 2287000
SKU: 2287000
Open Ingot Mold- 80dwt (124grams)
item# 2287100
SKU: 2287100
Open Ingot Mold- 200dwt (310grams)
item# 2287200
SKU: 2287200