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Picture of Electric Melters- 1kg & 2 kg

Electric Melters- 1kg & 2 kg

Suitable for melting small quantity of precious metals for alloying and casting in high quality graphite crucibles. Built in ceramic heating element and thermostat with an automatic digital LED display pyrometer monitoring the precise temperature required regardless of metal quantity and an on/off indicator. Maximum temperature 2102°F/1150°C. Available two sizes: Capacity 1 KG (fine gold): 110V, 850 watt, 7 Amp; Dimensions: 250 X 220 X 210mm; Weight 4 KG Capacity 2 KG (fine gold): 110V, 1200 watt, 10 Amp; Dimensions: 270 X 260 X 350mm; Weight 5.5 KG Unit Includes: graphite crucible, stirring rod, tongs and complete operating instructions.

Electric Melter- 1kg
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Electric Melter- 2 kg
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