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Picture of Castaldo® Gelato® Super High Strength Silicone

Castaldo® Gelato® Super High Strength Silicone

A super high strength molding rubber that cuts easily like butter. It resists tearing and is strong enough to make complex molds. Stronger than silicone rubber, the molds last longer. A shiny finish on your molds means a shiny finish on your waxes, that means less polishing of your castings. There is no need for mold release spray. Mold packing is easy to do, just press it in with your fingers like putty. Vulcanizes at 165˚ - 176˚C / 330˚ - 350˚F. Comes with 7 assorted colours in one pack of 5 lbs; Tan, Pistachio, Lemon, Peach, Fushsia, Violet, Blue. Box of 5 lbs
SKU: 2259150