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Picture of Castaldo® LiquaCast® Liquid Molding Rubber

Castaldo® LiquaCast® Liquid Molding Rubber

The shrinkage of Castaldo® LiquaCast® is 0%, vulcanized at room temperature without using heat or pressure with a vulcanizer. It is a two part liquid compound that makes a tough, strong, flexible rubber molds in 18 hours at room temperature or can be also cured at 66° C./ 150° F in 90 minutes. It is easy to pour and easy to mix. Vacuuming is recommanded. Especially used for resin models, making molds, wax carvings and wax injections. Also possible on leaves, plants, flowers, fruits, insects.


Available in 1lb kit, 10 lb kits or 50 lb kits.

Castaldo® LiquaCast® 1 lb kit
SKU: 2260210
Castaldo® LiquaCast® 10 lbs kit
SKU: 2260220
Castaldo® LiquaCast® 50 lbs kit
SKU: 2260230