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Castaldo Rubber Mold Strips

World renowned manufacturer of jewelry molding rubber to the jewelry industry. Castaldo has the most superior quality of rubber molds for a full range of applications. Here are four pure natural gum rubber in strips with different specifications for your needs. Rubber strips dimensions are: 45,7 cm x 7,3 cm.


White Label®: Strong, Firm but flexible. For all uses and cuts well. Rubber is 1/8" thick and vulcanizes at 310°F (155°C), 15 minutes for 1/4 mold frame. (Also available in Ready-Cut)

Gold Label®: Soft, pliable Rubber. Ideal characteristics for difficult molds containing undercuts, filigree and settings. Rubber is 1/8” thick and vulcanizes at 310°F  (155°C)- 15 minutes for ¼” mold frame thickness. (Also available in Ready-Cut)

No-Shrink Pink®: Shrinkage as low as 0%. High adherence for detail and excellent memory. May be used alone or combined with Gold Label® or White Label® on the outside of the mold to save and costs. (Also available in Ready-Cut)

Titanium Label®: Extra firm, hard but still flexible. This molding rubber cuts, bends, flexes and stretches just like the White Label® and Gold Label®. It has less pattern distortion, Higher clamping pressures, Higher injection pressures. This rubber needs lower injection temperatures. Reduced rubber shrinkage and best detail.

Castaldo Rubber Mold WHITE Label Strips 5 lbs.
Box of 5 lbs
SKU: 2258300
Castaldo Rubber Mold GOLD Label Strips 5 lbs.
box of 5 lbs.
SKU: 2259300
Castaldo Rubber Mold PINK Label Strips 5 lbs.
Box of 5 lbs
SKU: 2258420
Castaldo Rubber Mold TITANIUM Label Strips 5 lbs.
Box of 5 lbs
SKU: 2258750