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Picture of Ball Pein Hammer

Ball Pein Hammer

Ball Pein Hammer: with one flat end and one round end. Used for flattening, shaping or removing dents. With a comfortable handle. Length 10". Four different sizes.

Ball Pein Hammer 1-7⁄8"
Head Lenght: 1-7⁄8" (48mm); Head Weight: 28 Grams
SKU: 3711000
Ball Pein Hammer 2"
Head Length: 2" (51mm) Head Weight: 57 grams
SKU: 3711200
Ball Pein Hammer 2-5⁄8"
Head Lenght: 2-5⁄8" (67mm); Head Weight: 113 Grams
SKU: 3711400
Ball Pein Hammer 3-1/4"
Head Lenght: 3-1/4" (83mm) ; Head Weight: 227 Grams
SKU: 3711800