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Junior Polishing Unit QUATRO

Stand-Alone QUATRO systems offer turn-key, polishing & grinding solutions

Quatro Basic Dust Collector

A compact and quiet dust collector that can be used for grinding, polishing, engraving and bench work. Includes a disposable filter bag to collect all metals. Hose included, Quick and easy access to filter. A bench pin specially made for suction while working on the bench (sold separately). 2 models available: With Hand Switch With Foot Switch
From $38.00

Quatro Desktop Polisher

Dual purpose unit 1. Polishes and captures precious metals in the process 2. Purifies the air in the room when not used for polishing • Adjustable motor slide-base allows you to adjust for ring polishing and for conventional polishing. • 3-stage filtration: rouge pre-filter, extra surface dust filter, and certified 99.97% HEPA Filter. • Designed wider than other units so it can be used efficiently with inside ring polishers. • Built-in air purifier to clean the air in the room when not used for polishing. • LED illuminated work surface (separate ON-OFF switch for the LEDs. • Vibration isolated polishing motor for extra quiet operation. • Extra-large debris capture/intake area. • Extra large protection shield. • Includes spindles. →Height: 12.5"(318mm) →Width: 24"(610mm) →Depth: 21"(533mm) →Weight: 55lbs(25kg) →CFM: 200

QUATRO GoldVault Dust Collector

Compact 2-station bench collector for dust, fume & solder

Quatro SolderPure

Capture solder smoke & fumes at source, before they migrate throughout the room. Ideal for: solder fumes, waxing fumes, solvent vapors and rhodium plating. Extremely quiet(52 dBa). "Shipping charges may apply"
From $1,230.00

Quatro Velocity Dust Collectors

Premium power series for universal use Ensures 99.97% efficiency on the capture of precious metal particles High Performance Brushless Dust Collection Slide & Glide easy-in, easy-out cartridges filter air down to sub-micron levels Pre-filters prolong filter life Maintenance Free with an Industrial Motor Built-in tray captures precious metals Made in Canada
From $930.00

SPU Drawer for QUATRO

Drawers are sold individually and can be installed on Left or Right side

Stand-Up Polishing Unit QUATRO

(100$ will be added for shipping)