Complete Line of Jewellery Supplies

Bench Accessories

Bench Block 4"x4"

Provides a solid base for work while flattening, straightening or designing Hardness 46-50 Rockwell The bench block is 3/4" thick Ground smooth made of high quality tool steel

Bench duster Brush

A general purpose bench cleaning brush. Brush has 4 Rows. Brush is 4" long and 1½" height. Has a wooden handle. Overall length 9¼".

Bench Pin & Anvil Combination

Bench Pin and Anvil in one. Adjustable clamp enables you to use it on benches up to 2" (50mm) thick.Wood bench pin measures 1-3⁄4"Wx 4" L (44mm x 100mm).

Bench Pin in Metal Holder

Metal holder screws easily onto the edge of a workbench and the thumb screw holds the wooden pin. Measures 4" wide.

Brass Scratch Brush

Excellent for cleaning or surface texturing on soft metals. Brush has four rows of .003" wire. Brush is 3¼" long and ¾" height. Has a wooden handle. Overall length 8-1⁄4".

Centering Punch- Scriber

Used to make small dent as starting point for drill. Punch is tapped with small hammer. Made of steel with knurled handle for firm gripping surface. Slim design, can also be used as a scriber.

Double-Ended Pin Vise

With reversible steel collets in each end. Hollow handle and heads made of brass. Capacity is 0 to .125" (0 to 3.2 mm). Overall length 4-1/8".

GROBET USA® Heavy Duty Jewellers' Bench

Don’t settle for imitations... Buy a genuine, solid wood, heavy-duty bench! (80$ will be added for shipping))

Kirkland Ring Clamp & Holder

One end clamps from the outside for polishing and stone setting, while the other end holds from the inside for total circumference polishing and buffing. Metal construction of high strength aluminium alloy conducts heat away from ring. Holds ring sizes 1 through 13. Maximum opening 14mm and length 5". Made in USA.

Mini Stake Forming 12pcs Set

For forming and raising, this 12pc Mini Stake Forming Set is perfect for small-scale projects. Stakes are made of hardened steel and polished to a mirror finish. Set includes: 10 Mini Forming Stakes Wood Stand Stake Vise/Holder

Quatro Basic Dust Collector

A compact and quiet dust collector that can be used for grinding, polishing, engraving and bench work. Includes a disposable filter bag to collect all metals. Hose included, Quick and easy access to filter. A bench pin specially made for suction while working on the bench (sold separately). 2 models available: With Hand Switch With Foot Switch

QUATRO GoldVault Dust Collector

Compact 2-station bench collector for dust, fume & solder

Ring Rescue Ring Remover

Removes Rings from finger without cutting them.

Rubber Bench Block

Resilient rubber dapping block for use with steel or hardwood punches. Made of tough firm vulcanized rubber. Straighten metals without scratching or distorting. Block is 4" square and 1" thick. Weight 1 lb

Silent Compressor Oiless

These compressors have been engineered and built with the latest technology to provide high quality clean air for the jewelry, dental and medical markets. The Oil-Free Dual Piston Pump System allows the air compressor to work more efficiently creating less noise and less wear for a longer pump life.

Steel Scratch Brush

Excellent for cleaning or surface texturing on soft metals. Brush has four rows of .003" wire. Brush is 3¼" long and ¾" height. Has a wooden handle. Overall length 8-1⁄4".

Superior Ring Bender- PEPE

The Newly Redesigned Ring Bender from Pepetools #301.00A It is a strong, versatile ring bending tool. The base and handle performs at a high level of torque while allowing the user to exert less resistance in bending metals. Creativity is the only limit with this product! HDPE Precision Machined Organizing Base Precision Matching Post & Dies - Machined from solid steel and then hardened to 45-50 HRC. After hardening, each steel post and die is nickel plated for a lifetime of corrosion free use. 16 piece set. Now Includes 18MM Post & Dies in addition to a matching 18MM Delrin die Round: 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm Post : 60deg and 90deg 24mm shank for increased durability Proudly manufactured in USA!

V-Slot Bench Pin w/Clamp

Bench pin specially for filing, sawing, and drilling. Clamp fits any work surface up to 2" thick. Board measures 7-1⁄2" L x 2-1⁄2"W.

Wax Carving Set of 12

A complete wax carving set for wax modeling. Set comes with twelve stainless steel double-ended assorted carvers with roll up pouch. Perfect to use at home, work, or in the shop. Great to use for crafts, clay sculpture, hobbies, etc.

Wooden Bench Pin

Size: 6¼" x 2½"
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