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Melting Supplies


For making jewellery soldering flux. Allows solder to flow. Can be used to put on melting crucibles that will protect it from wering it fast.
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Electric Melters- 1kg & 2 kg

Suitable for melting small quantity of precious metals for alloying and casting in high quality graphite crucibles. Built in ceramic heating element and thermostat with an automatic digital LED display pyrometer monitoring the precise temperature required regardless of metal quantity and an on/off indicator. Maximum temperature 2102°F/1150°C. Available two sizes: Capacity 1 KG (fine gold): 110V, 850 watt, 7 Amp; Dimensions: 250 X 220 X 210mm; Weight 4 KG Capacity 2 KG (fine gold): 110V, 1200 watt, 10 Amp; Dimensions: 270 X 260 X 350mm; Weight 5.5 KG Unit Includes: graphite crucible, stirring rod, tongs and complete operating instructions.
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Ingot Molds for Wire

Double sided wire ingot mold. Each ingot mold can make 3 sizes of wire.
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Melting Torch

An ideal melting torch for large amounts of gold, silver and metal alloys but only small amounts of platinum. Heavy duty, all brass body, with a check valve safety feature to help prevent the reverse flow of gases. Leak proof valves for improved safety and reliability. Supplied with one large single orifice melting tip, tested and inspected. Hoses not included UL listed.

Open Ingot Molds

Used for pouring ingots of various sizes. 50dwt (78grams); 35mm (depth) X 90mm (length) X 35mm (width) 80dwt (124grams); 30mm (depth) X 120mm (length) X 45mm (width) 200dwt (310grams); 40mm (depth) X 155mm (length) X 65mm (width)
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