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Investments & Supplies

Investment Scale

Easy to read dial scale with a removable pan to transfer investment to mixer. Capacity Maximum: 20 lbs Dimensions: 10” X 7” X 16” Height

Investment Vibrator

Reduces air bubbles and voids around wax patterns Round top for flask up to 4.25” Compact design with variable speed Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 110mm Weight 4 lbs Electrical: 110V/60HZ

R&R PLASTICAST® Investment- 50lbs

This plaster is ideal for casting plastic and resin models created in rapid prototype processes. It withstands the pressure involved in the burnout of these materials. Plastic and resin expands greatly as they melt in the burnout process; this expansion puts tremendous pressure on the surrounding investment. The strenght of this plaster ensures that your patterns remain true trough the burnout process. Sold by box of 50lbs (50$ will be added for shipping)(Call us for quantity 2+)

R&R PLATINUM® Investment- 100lbs

Ransom&Randolph PLATINUM® investment has been specially formulated for use with platinum. It creates smooth, easy-clean, easy-finish surfaces. Sets quickly for same-day or overnight burnout. It comes with a binder that will separate from investment once combined. Sold by 100 lbs drums. (50$ will be added for shipping) (Call us for quantity 2+)