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Casting Machines & Kilns

Drum for Centrifugal Machines

Drum for centrifugal made of steel, helps protect the operator against accidental metal spilling from the whirling crucible. Base measures 24" x 24", with the drum 23¾"W x 11½"H. Optional cover provides extra protection. Shipping weights as follows: drum 16 lb.; drum and cover 23 lbs. (Long Arm Centrifugal Machine is not included.)

Satellite Furnaces/Oven- Manual

Heavy duty steel construction with double coated protection in hammertone gray. Temperature ramp up from 0-700°F in 45 minutes and 700-1400°F in an additional 15 minutes. Features include heavy duty element, top venting for moisture and wax escape. Maximum operating temperature 1800°C- 2000°F. Manual: Temperature and time are to be manually controlled. Chamber dimensions: 8½” X 9” X 6¼H”; 120V, 14amp, 1680w; 50lbs Chamber dimensions: 12” X 12” X 8½H”; 120V, 14amp, 1680w; 85lbs * Heating elements are not under warranty. All Furnace warranties excludes damage due to overfiring, exceeding melting temperature and improper electrical installation (SHIPPING CHARGES MAY APPLY)

Vacuum Casting Machine KayaCast

Bench top casting machine allows both regular flasks and perforated flasks using vacuum technology on the right side. On the left side, it eliminates air bubble for cleaner, denser molds. Easy to operate, gives consistent results, while reducing the risk of casting defects. Low maintenance. * The system includes: 3 rubber seals (3", 3-3/8", 4") Perforated flask (3.5x4") Sprue base 3.5" Flask tong 2 adapter plates for 3.5" and 4" diameter perforated flasks and another for regular flasks Bell jar 8"x9" Vacuum pump oil Specifications: 1/2 HP; 3 CFM; 110V Weight: 87 lbs Dimensions: 23"x 11"x 14" SHIPPING CHARGES MAY APPLY

Vacuum Investment

Compact bench top casting machine use for vacuuming air and gas from flasks. By pulling the air and gas out from the mold, the molten metal flows easily to every opening. Vacuum integrated in machine. Caracteristics: ½HP 3CFM Investment plate size: 11''X11'' Bell Jar: 9" diameter X 8" Height Weight: 50lbs Dimensions: 15"Wx 8"L x 18"