Complete Line of Jewellery Supplies


Copper Tong

These tongs are suitable to use when immersing articles in pickling or acidic solutions. Will not contaminate or corrode the solutions. Overall length 9” (229mm).

Fiber Grip Tweezers

Soldering tweezers with fiber grip handles to protect hands from heat when soldering. Strong cross-lock to hold work securely. With stainless steel jaws that are straight or curved. The overall length is 6¾ -170mm.

Ring Holding Tweezer

Ideal for holding settings and shanks together for accurate soldering. Has serrated flat base to prevent it to move, curved jaw has a groove to hold shank securely and has a slide lock. Overall length 5½" (140 mm).

Swiss Diamond Tweezers

Absolutely the best and the finest made tweezers specifically for the professional jeweler. Select from a wide range of stainless matte or black finish. Inside serrated tips, with or without a locking mechanism. Overall length 160mm. Made in Switzerland.

Tweezer AA

Non magnetic, satin finish tweezers for handling all miniature parts. Can be used for soldering and various jobs. Overall lenght 4¾" (120mm) AA - tapered and sharp point