Complete Line of Jewellery Supplies

Cutters & Shears

Bergeon Sprue Cutter- Swiss

Top heavy duty quality Swiss Sprue cutter, with a multiple linkage system, that gives maximum pressure with minimum fatigue. Extra long handles and special shaped jaws allow access to small areas.

Cutter Tool Tech Flush

Made in JAPAN. Perfect flush cut for thin gold/silver wire. FLUSH CUTTING Diagonal Nipper does not leave any rise or pinch on the end cut.Cutting capacity is .2 - 1.5mm (.059"). Jaw length is .39".Overall Length 119 mm.

Flush Side Cutter 5"- Germany

Superior quality Flush Cutter with precision fit and accurate alignment. Smooth and polished finish, and fitted with double leaf spring. Handles are red PVC dipped for a comfortable non-slip grip. Very useful for all types of bench work.

Keiba Sprue Cutter- Japan

Cuts sprues up to 3 mm with ease, accuracy and repeatability. Compound joint construction, fine finished sharp jaws nip off metal with a flush cut. Total length 165mm.

Shears Scissor Type

Heavy duty diagonal cutter for cutting sprues with minimal effort. The grips shape allows to have better control. Available with straight or curved blades. Regular scissors handles. Overall length is 7½”, and cutting capacity is 3mm. Made in Germany.

Xuron Maxi-Shear Cutter

6” long, jaws (12 x 17mm). Features extra long tapered head for specific areas. Flush cut for soft wire up to 14 gauge (1.6mm).