Complete Line of Jewellery Supplies

Saw Frames & Saw Blades

Bur Lube- Gems

A carefully formulated compound that provides optimum balance of cooling and lubrication. Reduces friction and heat build up, thereby extending tool life. Essential when drilling, cutting or grinding. Tube 2oz.

Pike® Sawblades- Swiss

• Genuine, finest jewelers saw blades • Unique tempering process ensures consistent flexibility and long blade life • Efficient for cutting accurate and precise work • Measures 13cm (5¼”) • Packed one gross (144 blades) • Made in Switzerland

Pro-Cut Lubricant

Keeps burs, drills, sawblades, gravers plus many other cutting and abrading tools working smoother and longer. Reduces heat build-up and friction to speed the cut. Easy and convenient to use. Leave it right on the bench and just dip or run the tool through the lubricant at regular intervals while working. Handy 2 oz. (56.7 g) push-up container.

Saw Frames

Forged and hardened tool steel with adjustable frame, serrated clamps and thumbscrew to hold the blade firmly. Handles are in hardwood.