Complete Line of Jewellery Supplies

Hammers & Mallets

Ball Pein Hammer

Ball Pein Hammer: with one flat end and one round end. Used for flattening, shaping or removing dents. With a comfortable handle. Length 10". Four different sizes.

Chasing Hammers

Hammers designed for silversmiths and for craftsmen. Flat head is used for striking chasing tools or flattening. The round side is for riveting and metal design. Overall length 10".

GoldSmith Hammer

Hammer designed for the jewelers. One end is flat and the other is chisel shaped. Perfect for riveting and shaping. Head length: 3½” (89mm) Diameter: 5/8" (16mm)

Rawhide Mallets

Made of tough, long wearing, cured rawhide. Ideal for use on broad faced striking surfaces. Will not mark on the hited item. All fitted with durable hardwood handles. Made in USA. Available in different sizes.

Riveting Hammers

Riveting hammer: end flat for levelling. and the other end is chisel-shaped for spreading rivet heads. Head length: 3-5/8" (92mm) Diameter: ½"

Texturing Hammer with 12 faces

Comes with 12 interchangeable faces to create different texturing.