Complete Line of Jewellery Supplies


Drill Press- Foredom

The Foredom Drill Press is a stand to drill with precision and is very easy to use. Securely holds the handpiece #30(not included) in a vertical position for drilling straight and accurately. (a flexible motor with handpiece is required)

Flexshaft Hanger Gray

Flexshaft hanger Made with steel which will allow to hang one motor that bolts directly attaches to a bench with three screws(inluded). Adjustable height to suit all working positions.

Flexshaft Pro-Flex ARBE

The Pro-Flex Flexshaft Kit from ARBE is an economical and heavy-duty quality motor kit. Can be used for model making, engraving, polishing, setting, working on wax and on all metals. Ball bearing motor 1/8 HP, variable speed 0-18,000 rpm. Set includes: Motor, Handpiece and variable speed foot control. 1 year warranty.

Foredom SR Flexshaft Kit

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Hammer Handpiece Foredom

A precision and affordable hammer handpiece for stone setters. Create textures, florentine, channel settings, close bezels and prongs. Adjustable 5,000 stroke per minute with an impact hammer action. No warranty on duplex springs.

Handpiece Quick Change

Italian style quick change handpiece used for very delicate and precise work. The Quick-release lever provides to change the burs and accessories faster and easier. Collet is 3/32”. Slim body for precise control and more comfortable.


The Arbe micro motor incorporates features that are found in much pricier system at a much more affordable price. It is great for polishing, texturing, sizing, drilling and stone setting on a variety of surfaces. It will increase production, saving you time and money. Quick tool changes keep work flowing. Provides finer control and better range of motion than a traditional flex shaft to handle especially delicate jobs. Supplied with extra set of carbon brushes and diamond tipped grinding set