Complete Line of Jewellery Supplies

Engraving; Setting tools; Stamps

Best Built Computerized Engraver UT-50 Combo

All inclusive machine engraves on flat or curved surfaces, and inside or outside rings. Diamond tip easy to replace Accesories included such as vises, clamp and jigs to hold work in place Flat engraving area is 4"x4.5" System includes easy to install and operate software Any fonts pre-installed on your computer can be used to engrave. Allows you to import designs Laser feature makes it easy to line up and center work Variable depth feature allows for engraving on uneven surfaces like ID bracelets Compact and quiet USB port connection Dimensions: 15"x 11¾x 10 Weight: 65lbs
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Bur Lube- Gems

A carefully formulated compound that provides optimum balance of cooling and lubrication. Reduces friction and heat build up, thereby extending tool life. Essential when drilling, cutting or grinding. Tube 2oz.

Complete Setters' Microscope

Setters' Microscope. Kit comes with a stand, microscope and a LED light source. The stand is adjustable to your desired position. Easy to manipulate and lock it. The microscope has a magnification of 7X-45X with a JAPANESE optics. 60 LED light source perfectly illuminates. It is also dimmable.

Hand Stamp

Steel stamps, precision cut, available 0.8mm. Can also be used for the inside of a ring. Available: 10k; 14k; 18k; 22k; 24k; 925

Pro-Cut Lubricant

Keeps burs, drills, sawblades, gravers plus many other cutting and abrading tools working smoother and longer. Reduces heat build-up and friction to speed the cut. Easy and convenient to use. Leave it right on the bench and just dip or run the tool through the lubricant at regular intervals while working. Handy 2 oz. (56.7 g) push-up container.

Silent Compressor Oiless

These compressors have been engineered and built with the latest technology to provide high quality clean air for the jewelry, dental and medical markets. The Oil-Free Dual Piston Pump System allows the air compressor to work more efficiently creating less noise and less wear for a longer pump life.