Complete Line of Jewellery Supplies


Blue-Sass Ultrasonic Cleaner

Blue-Sass Ultrasonic Soap is Biodegradable. Powerful soap yet gentle on metal. This Cleaner is specially formulated for cleaning and removing oil, grease, polishing coumpounds, ect, on all precious metal ( Steel, gold, silver, bronze, platinum, ect). Mixing Ratio: 1 part to 10 parts water. Sold in 1 liter , 1 Gallon, or pail (5 gallons.

Heavy-Duty Magnetic Tumbler 7½"

Heavy Duty Magnetic Tumbler gives a faster and better result than the vibratory or the rotary tumblers. After casting, it will take only 45-60 minutes. And for scrap or dirty jewellery, it will take 10-15 minutes. Stainless Steel magnetic pins not included.

Polishing Cloth

Double sided cloth. One side impregnated with polishing red rouge and the other side is a final polish cloth. Measures 9" x 11".

Steam Cleaner Hoffman® JEL3

A technologically superior micronic cleaning system. Saves time, boosts productivity. Develops 70-90 psi steam. Easy reservoir refill - manual. Adjustable thermostatic controls. Fast temperature / pressure recovery. Rust inhibited pressure tank. Low maintenance. Finger tip / Solenoid / Foot switch control. Dimensions: 23½” X 17-5⁄8” X 20-5⁄8”. Weight 63lbs. 2GL 110V 60HZ 1.5KW. ** shipping charges may apply**

Super Mini Magnetic Tumbler- ARBE

The Arbe Mini magnetic tumblers is supplied With an Acrylic Bowl & 0.5mm Stainless Steel Pins. The Diameter of the bowl is 4" 8 Rings Capacity