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Blue-Sass Ultrasonic Cleaner

Blue-Sass Ultrasonic Soap is Biodegradable. Powerful soap yet gentle on metal. This Cleaner is specially formulated for cleaning and removing oil, grease, polishing coumpounds, ect, on all precious metal ( Steel, gold, silver, bronze, platinum, ect). Mixing Ratio: 1 part to 10 parts water. Sold in 1 liter , 1 Gallon, or pail (5 gallons.
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Heavy-Duty Magnetic Tumbler 7½"

Heavy Duty Magnetic Tumbler gives a faster and better result than the vibratory or the rotary tumblers. After casting, it will take only 45-60 minutes. And for scrap or dirty jewellery, it will take 10-15 minutes. Stainless Steel magnetic pins not included.

Polishing Cloth

Double sided cloth. One side impregnated with polishing red rouge and the other side is a final polish cloth. Measures 9" x 11".

Steam Cleaner Hoffman® JEL3

A technologically superior micronic cleaning system. Saves time, boosts productivity. Develops 70-90 psi steam. Easy reservoir refill - manual. Adjustable thermostatic controls. Fast temperature / pressure recovery. Rust inhibited pressure tank. Low maintenance. Finger tip / Solenoid / Foot switch control. Dimensions: 23½” X 17-5⁄8” X 20-5⁄8”. Weight 63lbs. 2GL 110V 60HZ 1.5KW. ** shipping charges may apply**

Super Mini Magnetic Tumbler- ARBE

The Arbe Mini magnetic tumblers is supplied With an Acrylic Bowl & 0.5mm Stainless Steel Pins. The Diameter of the bowl is 4" 8 Rings Capacity

Ultrasonic Best Built

Industrial strength transducers for thorough cleaning. Enough power to remove caked on dirt, as well as rouge and othe compounds. German made timers and switches Illuminated On/Off push button, 30 minutes timer and temperture control knobs High quality Stainless Steel construction for durability 1 Year Warranty and 2 Years on Transducers
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