Complete Line of Jewellery Supplies

Soldering Tools

Annealing Pan 7" w/Tweezer & Pumice

Annealing Pan rotates 360º with easy access. The heat reflecting pumice is perfect for supporting your project in any position - flat or embedded. This pan comes with an attachable third hand custom designed to fit with our pans. Pan measures 7 inches and includes pumice. Made in USA.


For making jewellery soldering flux. Allows solder to flow. Can be used to put on melting crucibles that will protect it from wering it fast.

Ceramic Ring Stand

Ceramic tapered 6'' rod on a heavy base to suit all ring sizes. Mounted on base, swivels to provide the exact position or angle desired.

Charcoal Block

Made from selected soft wood. Easy to pin or press work pieces while soldering. Under the flame the charcoal glows and reflects heat back on the article being soldered. Size 5½” X 2¾” X 1-1/8”

Handy® Paste Flux

It is a very durable and powerful general purpose flux that protects your parts during soldering. It is an active fluoride-type flux which is appropriate for soldering gold, silver, brass and all nonferrous metals. It can be cleaned up with hot water.

Honeycomb Soldering Boards

Most commonly used on the soldering block. Honeycomb blocks have fine pores to accelerate the heat loss from parts being soldered. Holes may be used to hold pins to keep work in place while heating. Asbestos free. These blocks withstand temperatures up to 2000°F/1093°C and the round honeycomb up to 6000°F (3315°C). Small Rectangular: 3¾” X 5½” X ½” Large Rectangular: 5½” X 7¾” X ½” Round: 4½” Diameter X 1” Thickness

Magnesia Soldering Block

The Magnesia Block is porous and fireproof. Lasts longer than charcoal blocks. Soft enough to enable work to be pressed into the surface and steadied while soldering. Withstands temperatures up to 2000°F (1093°C). Measures 6" x 3" x 1½".

Mini Honeycomb kit

Hold your work in place with our mini round honeycomb ceramic soldering boards. Measuring 3 inches in diameter, each tray is packed two per box and includes 20 metal pins measuring 1mm.

Mini Pickler

Picklers provide a safe and effective method for removing oxides or fire scale from the surfaces of precious metals. Used with pickling salt and water.

Pickling Salt

Used after welding, consisting of granular acid for the cleaning and removal of the oxidation of silver, gold, copper and most other non-ferrous metals.

Shears Scissor Type

Heavy duty diagonal cutter for cutting sprues with minimal effort. The grips shape allows to have better control. Available with straight or curved blades. Regular scissors handles. Overall length is 7½”, and cutting capacity is 3mm. Made in Germany.

Silver Solders

Cadmium and indium free solder. 5 dwt each (approx. 7.8 grams) Available in Easy- Medium- Hard silver solders.

STAY-BRITE Lead Free Solder kit

Slightly higher temperature bearing lead free solder, melts at 450°F (230°C). May be used with a soldering gun or a torch. Use StayClean flux to achieve a good flow characteristics. Kit includes ½ oz. of solder and ½ fl oz. of Stay Clean flux.

Third Hand

Facilitates soldering freeing both hands. Cross-Lock tweezer is included.


Can be placed over alcohol lamp so that work can be heated from below while soldering or enameling. Mesh screen is 6"x 6" (included) Available in 2 sizes.

VIGOR® HEAT-SHIELD Protective Paste

VIGOR® HEAT-SHIELD protects any surfaces from flame damages or heat transfer during soldering and brazing procedures (precious stones, previously soldered joints, enameling, etc.) It is a non-toxic, non-corrosive and oderless paste. Protects heat up to 5000°F (2760°C). Prevents oxidation and cleans away easily with water.