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Bench Torch Holder

This torch holder mounts anywhere on a bench. It can hold any type of soldering torch.

Check Valves Oxygen & Propane

A device that primarily controls the flow direction of fuel or oxygen. Helps prevent dangerous reverse gas flow. It is strongly recommended for increased safety. These check valves should be installed between the regulator and the hose. Both have 9/16” connections.
From $15.00

Hose for soldering torches 12'

Hose for soldering torches 12 feet. Dual hose: Red for propane and Green for oxygene. Diameter: 3/16" Length: 12' (aprox. 3.65 meters)

Little Torch Hoses & Connectors

Red for propane and Green for oxygen. Comes will all connectors to replace the hoses for the Little Torch™. Each hose is 8' long.
From $45.00

Little Torch™ complete kit

This kit is for the "REFILLABLE" oxygen and propane tanks. Kit includes: ♦ Little Torch kit ♦ Oxygen Regulator ♦ Propane Regulator ♦ Oxygen Check Valve ♦ Propane Check Valve * we also sell the refillable oxygen tank but it can't be shipped

Magnetic Torch Holder

A metal weighted base with storage for tips and a magnetic mount to securely hold the Little Torch. (Torch and tips are not included)

ORCA complete Torch Kit with 3 tips

An economical answer to your soldering needs. Works without bottled oxygen. No oxygen or air supply needed. Simply draws from the air that surrounds us. Offers flame versatility with its three interchangeable tips: Tip #1 (Small) up to 2000°F (1200°C) • Tip #2 (Medium) up to 2300°F (1250°C) Tip #3 (Large) up to 2400°F (1300°C). Includes also a regulator for the disposable propane tank and the hose. Made in Brazil.

Quatro SolderPure

Capture solder smoke & fumes at source, before they migrate throughout the room. Ideal for: solder fumes, waxing fumes, solvent vapors and rhodium plating. Extremely quiet(52 dBa). "Shipping charges may apply"
From $200.00


Propane; Oxygen; These UL listed regulators are used to allow high-pressure tanks to be reduced and to regulate to safe and usable pressures for torches.
From $120.00

Regulators for Disposable Tanks

Propane & Oxygen Designed to provide dependable control for fuel and oxygen for disposable tanks. It can be used with the “Little Torch” or with any torch. UL listed. Available for propane and oxygen.
From $78.00

Silver Solders

Cadmium and indium free solder. 5 dwt each (approx. 7.8 grams) Available in Easy- Medium- Hard silver solders.
From $11.00

The Little Torch™ kit

Designed for jewelry repair and manufacture, for hobby, for crafts and for metal sculpture and supplied in a display box. The Little Torch™ is engineered for light brazing and soldering. Produces a perfectly controlled, stable flame hot enough to melt metals, glass and ceramics with thread-thin flames. The propane temperature can go up to 4780° F (2637°C). The kit includes: 8' (182cm) hose the Little Torch™ 5 curved tips #3-7


Electronic torch lighter. Uses 2 AA batteries (not included). Easy to use.

Y Connectors

The Y connectors allows you to operate with multiple torch use from a single tank and regulator. Available for Gas/Fuel and Oxygen, with on-off valves or without valve.
From $30.00