Complete Line of Jewellery Supplies


Bracelet Mandrels- Round & Oval

These mandrels are adaptable for shaping, stretching, and forming bracelets. Exterior surface is smoothly polished. Available in round and oval shapes.

Mandrel Snap-On

One piece construction with a snap-on end that makes it easier and faster to work, and it avoids slippage. Specially used for the ADALOX SAND DISCS.

Matt Ring Tube Sizer

Enlarge the finger size of wax models evenly and accurately. Hardwood mandrel that's been specially machined to incorporate a steel cutting blade that extends from the handle to the tapered tip. Slide this tool through the hole in the wax ring tube and rotate clockwise. The embedded steel blade will scrape the inner wall to enlarge the hole to desired size that is clearly marked, leaving a smooth finish. Size #5-12.

Necklace Mandrel

Highly polished cast iron and chrome plated necklace mandrel. Shape and form metal or wax directly on the mandrel. Size 8” X 7¾” X 5½”. Weight 6 lbs

Ring Mandrel Steel

Hardened and polished steel mandrels, especially useful for shaping and forming rings. Accommodates all ring sizes #1-15 in 1/4 size increments. Available with groove and without.


• Mandrels for abrasive wheels, cutting discs and bristle brushes • Use in flexshaft handpiece

Split Mandrel

• Mandrel with slot to wound around abrasive paper for polishing or sanding small pieces • 2¼" long, with 3⁄32" shank to fit in handpiece.


• Designed for felt buffs, wheels, cylinders and points